Gain Weight Safely With the Help of Our Nutritionists

Fast and Slow Releasing Nutrients

Many weight gain powders contain only one type of nutrient; whether it be proteins or carbohydrates.

The problem is the body can absorb only a limited number of calories in any given time-frame.

By consuming a large quantity of nutrients with the same release time-frame the body misses out on large number of the benefits.

Our services contains multiple types of nutrients with different fractions and varying release times, resulting in not only a sustained release of calories but one that is also rapid.

Fast releasing fractions supply instant nutrients for immediate effect, while slow release fractions supply a sustained release of nutrients.

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This delivers the best of both worlds for effective weight gain.

The Perfect Percentages of Nutrients

Our plan contains nutrients in a healthy ratio that mimics our natural diet.

The best ratio of Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins is highly debated.

However, at Alpha Genics we believe a higher ratio of protein at 30% is best for lean, muscular weight gain while minimizing bloating.

-Carbohydrates (40%)

-Fats (30%)

-Protein (30%)

If we consume a diet considerably different to this we risk our health along with not achieving the ultimate weight gain results.

NowGain’s patented blend contains only the right nutrients in perfect ratios designed to stimulate growth; resulting in a rapid and extremely effective weight gain.

Do not settle for inferior, cheap formulas.

We are the only all-in-one formula designed purely for rapid weight gain!