Your Health Questions When it Comes to Insurance

Private health insurance information

Private Health Insurance cover varies from insurer to insurer.

For general insurers and the large provident associations, health insurance is classified as general business under the Insurance Companies Act 1982.

Policies are issued with the benefits guaranteed for a year in the same way as motor or household insurance. At the end of the policy year the cover ceases.

The insured have to decide before the end of their contract year whether they want to continue to maintain their cover for a further 12 months.

This process is referred to as ‘renewal’. In practice, insurers would always offer renewal terms. The insurer could not decline to renew the policy simply because the experience of the individual insured was unsatisfactory.

Private dental insurance

Many dental insurance policies are available, covering many treatments including accidents and emergencies.

Not all cosmetic treatments are covered by most dental insurance policies. Cosmetic dental treatments can be expensive.

Luckily, most premier cosmetic dentists will offer finance options to make treatment affordable for any budget. Click here for more information.

Read more about cosmetic treatments.


Cancellation policy varies between different providers, but usually can be cancelled if:

  • the policyholder fails to pay the premium
  • the policyholder dies
  • he policyholder moves abroad

Many people wrongly assume private health insurance will cover all of their healthcare needs. Unfortunately this is not the case. PMI normally only covers the cost of acute conditions. Use this insurance comparison tool.

There is no common accepted term for what are ‘acute conditions’ and this can cause some confusion when looking to move your insurance policy.

Long-term or chronic conditions are not covered by private health insurance. Hardly any policies cover private consultations with a general practitioner or the costs of medical services to treat a pre-existing condition. Click here for extra

This means that cover will not be provided for an illness or injury from which the customer has already suffered, or is suffering form, at the time of purchase of the policy.

For a complete understanding of what is and not covered by a policy we work to give you clear information and advice before you make the final decision. Contact us today.

Cool-off period

The GISC code of conduct, which we follow, protects you and allows you a 14 day cool-off period to review your purchasing decision with no penalties.