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To provide high quality diagnosis, treatment and care and work in partnership with other organisations and agencies to improve the health of our community. We are dedicated to providing fair, equal and prompt access to our services for all.

  • Quality of service Good
  • Waiting times - referral to treatment87% of patients were treated within 18 weeks
  • Cleanliness 9 out of 10 Patient survey score for involvement in decisions about treatment for inpatients treated at Ipswich Hospital Trust
  • MRSA blood infection rate 0.83 infections for every 10,000 bed days

Overview of Ipswich Hospital

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The Ipswich Hospital is a large district general hospital in Suffolk, England. It provides a wide range of services to the population of east Suffolk and serves a catchment area of approximately 360,000 people.

It has recently lost its cancer treatment services and is expected to soon lose its heart services. Both of these have become issues in local politics, with the Conservative candidate for the General election, Ben Gummer claiming that his "first priority is to save Ipswich Hospital".

Ipswich Hospital has a long history of offering private Ipswich Hospitalpatient facilities, giving patients the benefits of private health care with the reassurance of knowing that all the facilities of a major NHS hospital are available on site should the need arise.

Ipswich Hospital is one of the best UK hospitals and is a proud NHS flagship.

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  • Finding Ipswich Hospital is relatively simple to find and is two miles from the town centre. Parking is available at the hospital on a pay per park basis.
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    Children’s safety

    Our children’s safety while at home is something we as parents take very seriously and from a very young age we need to protect them from any danger or mishaps from occurring. So what we suggest is that you invest in a great quality highchair for your child as it will protect your child from falling and prevent any major issues they are most vulnerable when they are babies/toddlers so it’s essential there safe .